Friday, January 9, 2009

Our first real vacation

I'm sorry I'm so lame. Maybe it's the pregnancy that's made me lazy, but I wait WAY too long in between posts! (and can I just add that I had a mini panic attack when I saw how many days I have left before baby #3, I'm TOTALLY not ready!) Every time I blog i feel like I'm giving a report. So maybe a resolution of mine should be to post more frequently. We'll see. :)

I call it our first real vacation because Robert actually had to put in for vacation time, and work continued while he was away. Anyway, Christmas was great, Robert's parents came into town Christmas morning at 4 am! It was fun to have company since it would have been our first Christmas by ourselves. The boys got way too many gifts, especially since they would have been thrilled to just get what was in their stockings. Although I have no regrets since they have been spending hours upstairs in the playroom with their new toys! priceless.

The boys loved their spiderman costumes their cousins gave them
Here they are finally riding the bikes they had found a couples weeks earlier in our shed! (I told them they were Mommy and Daddy's bikes, which caused momentary confusion on Christmas)

Robert actually took a couple weeks off work for Christmas and New Years and we finally did some travelling! We went up to DC, again, and then to Philadelphia and New York City. Two three year old boys aren't the ideal travelling companions, I had to really lower my expectations of what wanted to do, since they have low attention spans, and absolutely NO interest in American History. So it was a whirlwind tour, but still worth it. New York was a bit of a bust because Robert and I caught some 24 hour flu and we were laid up in the hotel for the only day of good weather. The other full day we were there it was pouring rain, so we took the boys to see The Little Mermaid (the Lion King was not playing a matinee showing) on broadway, because everything else we wanted to do was outside. The boys loved riding the subway, but it totally freaked me out, since any psycho could push someone off the platform. I figure we need to get used to travelling with kids, otherwise we won't be able to see nearly as many places as we want to!

National Air and Space Museum, DC

Museum of Natural History, DC

An example of great photography...what's that in the background?

Oh! The Liberty Bell, why would we have wanted that in the picture?

Rylan pretending to be a tiger at the Philly zoo, it took us a while to convince him to walk like a human again

Inside soldiers barracks at Valley Forge, Beckam kept telling us "We need to get out of his house!"

Beck felt a lot more comfortable inside the empty soldiers barracks

At a train musuem in Amish Country, a highlight for two train obsessed boys

Beck twirling on the streets of New York, he seriously wouldn't stop, so we took a picture

While Beck was twirling Rylan was jumping over every crack in the sidewalk

Times Square, raining and pouring

On Liberty Island, with Ellis Island and Manhattan in the background

Posing with Lady Liberty

The boys haven't shared a bed since they were 3 months old, so it was fun to find them in different positions all the time, an hour after we took this they had switched positions and Rylan was sleeping in Beckams lap! They are wild sleepers, I hear them fall out of bed almost every night.


Heather said...

'Bout time you posted again! Looks like a great first vacation, sans the flu bug! Love the pictures and you are right...holy schnikeys on how soon your baby is due! Seems like so long until you are nearer the end, huh? Good luck getting it all done before he comes. I like the colors you picked for your blog, fun and springy.

Kailey said...

I have missed your posts, as I do you. So I hope you are true to your resolution! :) And, um, you LOOK like you have plenty of time to prepare for baby. You look AMAZING missy! Your trip looks like it was fun. I'm happy you got to get out and do something fun before baby comes!!

Tukuafu's said...

Welcome back cotter! I have missed you and your blogs! Glad you guys got a vaca in before # 3 joins you.. I love the stories of you traveling with the boys and glad I am not the only one that feels that way when traveling with my kids.. non stop chaos.. but that is what memories are for, right? Love ya!


Are you sure you only have 49 days to go? I think you're lying. Where's the belly?! You guys looked like you had a ton of fun! Isn't the eastcoast amazing? Loved your pictures!

Mags said...

That's awesome Jess. First train obsessed boys are great. Second I am kinda in shock you can get them to sit in a stroller. Jeremy gave that up awhile ago. It looks like you all had a ton of fun.

Shauna said...

I love the pic in their spider masks! You look fabulous, are you guys loving living on the east coast?

Julia said...

Uh, that's you NOT doing much on your vacation? You managed to get more sight seeing in with your three-year-old twins than I ever did as a single intern living in the city. Well done, travel masters! And Jess, you look great. I can't believe your due date is so close!!!! Thanks for finally posting something!

abbey said...

I LOVE the picture of Liberty Bell. Who would think you'd have to tell someone you wanted that in the pic.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

The boys look great! And you guys don't look half bad either ;)

Glad you had time to have a bunch of fun before you get too far along in your pregnancy. Although one is MUCH more comfortable than two, right!?

Now, we need to see some true belly pics :)

Bri said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Your boys are so big and still so adorable! hope your feeling well.

Rylan stealing Beckam"s Pacifier (7 months old)