Monday, July 13, 2009

Is that sushi crawling?

We'll have to take pictures of the sushi here. Wow!
So, we're now in Japan and experiencing the culture to the fullest! We arrived July 2nd and went to a party for the Fourth on base. It was nice to be welcomed with something so familiar and yet so different. I've seen celebrations on base in the US before, but this was a much bigger deal.

We took a respite from the carnival chaos and had a seat in this nice restaurant. Can you see the kids in the Kimonos? Awesome!
Check out the view too.

Here's a better picture of the view from out on the terrace...

And where, pray tell, were we dining? The old faithful; Mickey D's. The Golden Arches. That's right, something as familiar as McDonalds can be that different. What a view huh? They even had little flavor boosts you could add to punch up your Sprite... Lemon, Melon or Grape. That came out at the same time as the drink!

Things are familiar but different enough to throw you off. You drive on the left side of the road, the right side of the car. That's pretty much the theme here. Familiar but different. Hey, at least you still get to drive!
We got Japanese cell phones for free! A stripped down crappy model? Oh no! This thing has a 5.0 Megapixel camera, and a TV antenae in it. We can watch TV in 3-D on our cell phones! They also have GPS and a mini-flashlight!! Free cell phones I am familiar with. The rest, not so much...

We finally got a car today and will be making trips to Ikea and Costco. More of the same familiar craziness? I hope so...

--- Post by Robert---


Mandy said...

How exciting for you guys to experience something new. Can't wait to see all the new things you guys get to do!

Mags said...

That is awesome. I'm glad you all get this experience. Makes me rather jealous in a way.

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