Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lost in Translation - Food

There is way too much to post on Japan. Why have I taken so long? Now it's overwhelming, so I will just do little bits at a time. It has been awesome, we have seriously loved our time here! I'm still trying to adjust to living in a foreign country versus visiting a foreign country. There is so much we want to see and do, and it's hard to stay at home and try to live a normal, stable life!

One of the best things we've experienced has been the food. Sushi. Tempura. Sashimi. Super fresh and high quality (even when it's relatively inexpensive). Not to mention the tons of delicious food we eat, but don't really know what it is. Plus the other Asian food here is awesome! But good food has only been part of our culinary experience here. There have been many surprises both good and bad!

Robert eating from a Bento box

Dinner at a work party. Sashimi, white beet, tons of tempura, whole fish (Robert ate the eyes! ) It was all amazing, except the shellfish, we don't really know what it was and it was a combination of slimy, overly chewy and sandy...

Some restaurants have you take your shoes off and put them in a cubby and wear their slippers (they were WAY too small for us!)

The snack food has been fun to try. Many have "english" names, and some just make me realize how immature I actually am!
The name says it all with this one, it tastes like sweaty grapefruit juice!!! YUCK! Of course it didn't help that we tried it at room temperature.
We tried this because we thought the name was funny. So far it has been our favorite, it tastes like orange creamsicles
They have about every flavor of KitKat you can imagine, here is mango, it was all right
Again with the funny names, this is just like a Crunch bar
Of course the seafood markets are awesome here. I was especially impressed with Costco's seafood section, you can get whole octopus, eel, sea urchin, and countless other things
This is the sea urchin.
The vending machines here will be the topic of another post, but I have to add that at some restaurants you order from a vending machine, it spits out a ticket and you hand it to your waiter, pretty cool! It's very nice for us because there are usually pictures so we have a better idea what we are ordering :)
It has been an awesome adventure, we are trying to enjoy every minute of it!


Jeannie said...

That is exactly why we love

Guess we're immature, too. ;)

Tukuafu's said...

K- you had duke at sea urchin! good thing we have a membership to Costco! Love ya!

Satoko said...

Pocari Sweat...I think Allen got a kick out of it, but I didn't know why it was an odd name since I was so used to it. Calpis is my favorite drink too! Allen also thought that this was a yucky name. He thought that it sounds like Cow Piss. But it sure taste good~!

Heather said...

I'm getting excited to get Lost in Translation over there! Gotta load up on the face masks first. I'm sad that I can't partake of the good sushi, etc. Being prego can be such a bummer sometimes!

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