Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Road Trip With Twins...

We went to Sacramento last week for my uncle's funeral. It's too expensive to fly so we decided to drive down, UGH. We divided it up into 3 days on the way down, so it wasn't too bad, we didn't even have to break out the DVD player! AMAZING!!! My parents met up with us in Vancouver, and the graciously took Rylan with them, so we just had Beckam, which was heavenly. Not to get rid of Rylan, but because the boys feed off of each other and get more and more angry as time goes on.

The funeral was good, the service was probably the best I have been to. Everyone was in good spirits, and we had fun most of the time. We played in my aunts pool; at least Bob, Beck and Ry did, I forgot my swimming suit. Everything was great until we were done swimming Rylan decided to sneak outside and jump in the pool when none of the adults were paying attention without his life vest. I was inside gathering all of our stuff, and Bob was outside by the pool but he had his back to it and was also gathering our stuff. Thankfully there were still some kids in the pool and the oldest, Michael, asked Bob if Rylan was supposed to be in the pool; Bob looked over and saw Rylan sinking, Bob said no and Michael grabbed Rylan and pulled him out. Rylan was coughing and upset, and sounded terrible, but he was thankfully ok. We are so thankful that he was ok, if only one or two things had been different we may not have had the same outcome.

The ride home wasn't quite as good as the ride down, we did a straight shot from Sacramento to Seattle, only stopping to change diapers, get gas or eat. The boys still did really well, but it was a long day! We are glad to be home.

Rylan going down the slide

Beckam and Daddy playing in the pool


Lisa Garcia said...

Even though you had already told me the whole story of the trip, I still read every word! I love the way you've set up your blog! So cute!

two forks said...

jessica i was snooping around and found you guys... i'm so glad rylan is okay! see you guys soon.

catherine yeates said...

i miss those boys

Rylan stealing Beckam"s Pacifier (7 months old)