Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well Bob and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last Thursday! Crazy times! It's funny how these things make me feel old. For our first three anniversaries we would go out of town for the weekend and have an extended celebration, now we go out to dinner and come home by 10pm because we are tired! SAD. At least I have parents that I can look to and see that there will be a day when we can just focus on ourselves again!

Over the weekend we went to Bob's high school reunion! It was surprisingly fun. I played b-ball and v-ball against many of the girls that were in his class so it was fun for me to see what people were up to. Bob was of course great friends with ALL the girls, he was MR. BULLDOG, so I was proud to be on his arm :) Sometime I'll have Bob blog about winning Mr. Bulldog, he did a little rendition of Michael Jackson's Beat It, that some people said was their most frequently told story from high school. So I'm looking forward to mine next month, well kind of looking forward to it!


Tukuafu's said...

Wow, 5 years already! It feels like yesterday Duke and I were in old Spokane to enjoy your special day with you both! Dave and Jared took us to the old KFC buffet and we ate ourselves sick before your reception.. ahhhh.. memories! Congrats on your anniversary! By the way, your hair is outstanding! Great pic of the two of you.. it's no wonder the boys are so adorable! Shaniqua

Jessica Jo said...

I know! We were all melting that day, I think Bob and I had Arby's before our reception, classy :)

catherine yeates said...

your hair does look really good. that is the picture that you should put on the top of your blog. i know that i already told you, but you win for the best blog name!:)

Jessica Jo said...

I know, that's what happens when I actually get to spend time doing my hair and make-up, it's nice to see that I've still got it :)

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