Sunday, July 22, 2007

Party, Party, Party!!!

Well the surprise party went off without a hitch, well if you don't count the surprisee being half an hour late for his party. Other than that everything went pretty well, I have to say. I'm pleased, and now I can sleep again, at least I hope that is the reason I haven't been sleeping. We'll see now that our house is empty again, and we are back into our normal routine.

Yes, we are huge dorks and went to Barnes and Noble for the release of the 7th Harry Potter book! Oh it was worth it, look at all the awesome people we were surrounded by! It was fun to see everyone, there were so many people dressed up, and not even characters from the books, as you can see from our pictures. When we left the store there was a crowd outside that were clapping and cheering for everyone who had the new book! The store was packed, as was the parking lot, it was pretty crazy, but I'm glad we went.


Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

I can't say that I am any better than those crazy people dressed up. I got my book delivered by UPS at 11AM Sat and had it read by Sunday @ 6AM. I stayed up all night reading. I loved it!

catherine yeates said...

the surprise party for bob was PERFECT. let's just say that you win the wife of the year award. we miss you guys.

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