Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tales from the CAGE

Well our little Rylan started climbing out of his crib a few weeks ago. And it wasn't a big deal because he was surprisingly graceful and never injured himself. Well last Monday he decided to wake up in the middle of the night climb out, we could not get the little stink to lay down and sleep for another 3-4 hours! As if that wasn't bad enough, he wouldn't lay down for his nap, he kept climbing out and I'd throw him right back in, over and over and over, for an hour or so, finally he fell asleep, only to have Beckam wake up. He actually tore the curtains down and was handing Beckam toys when I came in, at least he was sharing. This war lasted until Friday, because Thursday night I finally went and spent the $70 on a crib tent. Holy crap I've never felt so good about spending $70 on anything in my life! We call it "The CAGE". Now I can actually take a shower again without worrying about Rylan hurting himself. I figure we can also use it for cage fights, if Rylan and Beckam are fighting and I don't want to deal with it, I can just throw them in Rylan's crib and zip it up! We'll see if Beckam ends up needing his own cage, I hope not, but I can say it will take me one night before I go and by the tent, not four. Just think of all the sleep I lost!

Beckam wanted a turn after he saw Rylan in it.


catherine yeates said...

How fun that when R and B grow up to be cage fighters, I can say that I knew them when they were little and changed their diapers!

Julie said...

Have you thought about moving them to a bed? I tried to with Spencer but he won't go. He likes his crib too much, which is fine with me because it keeps him corralled. I hope he doesn't get any ideas.

Jessica Jo said...

I don't think they're old enough to understand they need to stay, I don't want them out of their cribs until they are 3! Rylan has such a hard time relaxing unless he has to, he's like his mom :)

Kailey said...

You poor sweet thing! Let me know if you need a power nap anytime!! If I am here, you are welcome to drop the boys off for a bit to catch some ZZZs. I can call in the reinforcements and have my boys help out with them. I am sure Bren would keep them fully entertained while they were here!

Rylan stealing Beckam"s Pacifier (7 months old)