Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Berry Picking

We went up to Burlington to visit the Yeates (and their new beautiful home with a huge backyard the boys played in all day long!); they took us to a blueberry farm, where we picked 20lbs of blueberries between us. They were so cheap and SO DELICIOUS! It was basically heaven for the boys, endless amounts of delicious fruit, and it just grows on trees? I would have felt the same if the blueberries would have been handbags or shoes! Although it was heaven to have the boys content all day because they had a FENCED backyard to run around in, oh, I cannot wait for that!

We also picked blackberries for FHE Monday night, this was a little more thorny, so I had to hand the boys a lot of berries, and they acted like crack addicts getting their fix, pushing eachother to try and get the next berry Mommy grabbed, you'd think their parents would teach them some manners!

Look at their dirty, greedy faces!

This area was a bit more pleasant, the grass was mowed so they could move around better and they had better access to the blackberries


catherine yeates said...

you forgot to put that you made the best blueberry lemon pie EVER!!!

we had so much fun with you guys, let's start planning our next get-together!

manders said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. I know I love there house. See you sunday. Man I love blogging its great!

jules said...

This looks like so much fun! I love the pictures...especially of the berry faces. :)

Rylan stealing Beckam"s Pacifier (7 months old)