Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Boys on the Beach

We went down to Vancouver last week for my families annual reunion. We played on the Columbia River, the boys were in heaven!

This looks like we are having more fun than we are; Rylan was clinging on to me for dear life!

Beckam stealthly moving through the water

Rylan basking in the sun.

They looked like they were pretending to be in an 80's music video, they kept rolling around and stretching out. They did the same thing on the sandy beach; I'm not sure what kind of children I'm raising here...

They aren't exactly "never-nudes", they were irritated with the sand in every crevice of their bodies, so we stripped them down and they were prefectly happy!


ReBeCcA said...

Hey, I saw your blog through Catherine's. Your boys are so cute! I loved your comment about the 80's video. So true and so funny!

catherine yeates said...

cuteness. i love the naked pic, they are SO cute.
check the recipe blog, new category!:)

catherine yeates said...

c'mon! a new post already!!!

Dave & Katie Butler Family said...

Hey that picture looks aweful familiar. Oh wait I have one of his Mom doing the exact same thing! Love Katie

Rylan stealing Beckam"s Pacifier (7 months old)