Tuesday, September 11, 2007

298 days and counting...

Yesterday morning I woke up to Bob looking at spiders on the internet, and then he said "yep, it's a Hobo". Which to me means death. He found a gigantic spider (3 inches in diameter) sitting in front of our door! He sprayed it and put a jar on it so he could look at the markings before he killed it. (I can't even imagine what I would have done had I come upon that thing) I have a moderate phobia of spiders, especially large poisonous ones, so I made him research if we needed to fumigate our ghetto house to ensure that no more Hobo's would be making an appearance anywhere else in the house. After looking into it further he discovered that it was most likely a "Giant House Spider" (which apparently exists), and not poisonous; they apparently have the exact same markings, and you can only tell by looking at their genitals underneath a microscope. I have to wonder about the people who know these kind of things. I cannot stop thinking every time I pick something up there is going to be a gigantic spider underneath it! I'm just reminded that it won't be too long before we live in a REAL house, with no holes large enough for mice or giant spiders to crawl into!

Actually I'm not sure how long until we leave, I'm too lazy to count out the days, but I know it's about 9-10 months away!

BTW I was planning on posting an actual picture of a hobo spider, but it turns out I'm too much of a wimp to even look at the pictures (what would I do without my big strong husband?)


Kailey said...

I am right there with ya babe! We have a GIANT spider in a jar as we speak! Bethany Plewe thought that it was a Hobo too. My Grandad on the otherhand, thinks differently. Either way, I assume they are all poisonous and avoid them. I am ready to fumigate anyway... or else get a spider and mouse eating wild cat!

Scooper said...

LV is not the only one with the giant house spiders. BV has had them too. We have had several at our house. They are creepy and I feel your pain.

catherine yeates said...

AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! NASTY. and yes, freddy and ali would hold them and call them cute. yuck.
we made the same discovery about hobo/house spider. disgusting.
but, those last pictures of your boys i still can't get over. they are SO cute. miss you!

jules said...

Ewwwww...check out http://www.whatsthatbug.com/spiders3.html if you don't want to sleep tonight. There are some disgusting pictures. I have so many spider stories since we've been married...like the time a spider's nest hatched in our piano!

Jenn said...

okay... you need to check out Julie Schloemer's REAL spider. Oh my gross!!! I can't believe she took a picture of it! yuck!

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