Sunday, September 9, 2007

Little Boys-Good and Bad

Beckam blew out the other day so I gave him a bath by himself, but Rylan would have none of that, so when I wasn't looking (not that I don't watch my children in the bath 100% of the time) Rylan jumped in clothes, shoes and all! I'm not sure if you can see what he's wearing: mis-matched pajama top and bottom, with non-matching shoes. Classy. It's like his mother doesn't love him.

Here they are after I took Ry's clothes off and drained the water. Beckam is super happy, and Rylan is licking the non-slip frogs, so disgusting.

They can totally redeem themselves by doing things like this! Holding hands at Alki, and doing the "spider" on the swing" I could just eat them up!


catherine yeates said...

OM MY CUTENESS!!! okay, not them licking the frogs. but the others... and i love seeing their little buns. so darling. so i love the new pics on the side of the blog and do you like that i am commenting like 5 seconds after you post something! i have been waiting!!!:)
love angels and airwaves.
have you checked out rebecca's blog? super-cute.
i am waiting for you to post your cinnamon roll recipe on the blog.
we miss you guys!

Julie said...

I love the frog thing, Miya licks everything. We were at Brian's house on Sunday and she was holding on to the leather couch armrest and licking her way across it. I had to get a towel and wipe it off.

ReBeCcA said...

so cute! I love that you take pictures of them being naughty instead of just being anal and freaking out. Those pictures are priceless. I'm on the blog bandwagon at...

manders said...

Love the pics of the boys they are adorable. But where are your amazing pics from the concert. Would you send me a good one of JT since you had a great view... my email is
Have a great day!

Kailey said...

The boys are so dang funny! I love the new pics at the beach. Oh, and hey, only 16 more days 'til the new season of The Office... can you stand it!?

Rylan stealing Beckam"s Pacifier (7 months old)